As we know, London is one of the most visited and historically significant places in the world. Many of the world’s commanding kings, queens and scientists have lived in this great and admirable city. As time and things are increased, the city of London has updated into a modern wonder of architectural engineering. According to the recent research, more than twenty million people come from the entire world just to be the part of London’s tourist attractions. Visiting London is one of the top desires of many people. Hence, there is no doubt that London is a great place to visit that will delight you.

Moreover, when we choose a city to visit, looking for the top visiting places over there will be our primary step. If we talk about London, there are numerous tourist places not enough for a small visit. People must need to prepare a long trip to see and know more about London. Aside from it, if you are researching on top historical places, you should include London on your list at the top. There are tremendous historical places that can explore your knowledge about world’s history. Here we have a list of top places to visit in London that cannot be missed.

  1. Tower of London

The tower of London is one of the most popular places that you can include on your visiting list. It has a remarkable role in the history of London hence it comes in top ten visiting places. It is a historical tower established around nine hundred years ago and it represents the incredible history of the city. When we take a look at it, suddenly a detectable atmosphere of the historical legends of the city strikes awareness. In other words, it is one of the unforgettable places in London.

  1. Windsor Castle

The Next place is Windsor Castle, which has its own importance and quality. It is one of the most lovable and popular places, which were built around hundreds of years ago. Many of the royals of England has used this place for their residence hence it still regarded as the best ever and most used fort in the history of London. If you want to gain more information about the civil war, Windsor Castle is the most indeed place and you should include it on your list.

  1. Westminster Abbey

It is the most religious and historical place of London. Moreover, Westminster Abbey Church is a lovable and peaceful place established around hundred years ago. When you enter in church, you will feel like amazing and you can see the places where the crowing took the place. Aside from it, inside the church, you can see some great political and historical figure of London. No matter you believe in religion or not, you should visit this great place in order to take an idea about history.

  1. Madam Tussauds

Madam Tussauds is one of the most visited places in Central London. This is one of the most desired places and you should visit it if you are planning for a memorable trip. The wax models are the major cause of the worldwide popularity of this place and the huge tourist inflows. These Wax models are present in the planetarium. If you are quite interested in this type of places, you should visit it at least once.

  1. Hampton court palace

Another most visited place is Hampton court palace, which is recognized as the most wonderful of them all. It is located quite near to the Central London and you can easily reach this place within 30 minutes via train. Besides this, you can prefer boat on the Thames River to reach. If you are quite interested in visiting spectacular gardens, you should visit this place.

  1. St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is the best representation of the incredible beauty of London. You can reach this building by landmark auditorium, which adds a great amount of attractiveness to the entire architecture of this place. This is one of the most known locations, which used to host an event. Sir Christopher Wren has designed this notable figure and he was a great architect.

  1. The British Museum

The construction of the British Museum was built in 1753 has great collective efforts. It is number one ranked museum of the great and historical museums. This museum includes around millions of works and much more. If you want to make a document on historical museums, this place is highly recommended. Therefore, you should visit this location in London.

  1. Science Museum

In the London city, Science Museum is one of the most tourist attractions. This is the part of the National Museum of Science and History. If you are quite interested in science and research, this is one of the most recommended locations.

These are top places to visit in London. When you plan to visit London, look at brief introduction in order to take an idea about tourist places. Hope this brief introduction will help you to examine your choice.

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